About Us

Why “Alpha Dinar?”

Alpha is the excess return (above normal) created by an investor/manager. In our everchanging business world, one thing stays constant: we are all seekers of alpha. Adding dinar as an indication of our (Kuwaiti) identity will not limit our scope of issues to Kuwait. We will be talking finance on a GCC* and global scale.

Who are we?

We are Kuwaitis sharing a common passion for everything finance.

Our aspirations?

This blog will be the tool that will hopefully transform our finance fascination into something more; an interactive intellectual journey of analysis and relentless calls for economic reform. Although we try our best, a few writers can’t do it all. We aspire for Alpha Dinar to become a vibrant hub for intelligent GCC*-focused finance discussions. This is only possible with your active participation and article submissions. We invite you all to join us in our quest for alpha.

*GCC: Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Contact Us: admin@alphadinar.com

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